About Carmens Cakes

Do you love cake? We do!

Carmen's Cakes specialise in personalised celebration cakes made from the finest and freshest ingredients available.

Whether you are looking for a traditional fruit cake or a rich chocolate cake with a modern twist, we can accommodate your desires and create a cake for your next celebration - birthday, anniversary, christening or wedding.

Whether simple, traditional, elegant or funky.  A single cake or multilayers you decide.

We believe that cake is not a luxury, but an everyday pleasure!

Indulge your desire for cake and contact us now to discuss and design your next little slice of heaven.

Contact us now ...... You shall eat cake!

About Carmen

I have always had a sweet tooth and a keen interest in baking.  I remember winter weekends at my Grandparents spending the day in their warm little kitchen baking with Grandma.  I would drag a dining chair up to the bench and stand on it to be next to Grandma, close at hand for any mixing, cookie rolling or icing duties, and most importantly to be able to lick the spoon at the completion of the job!

I was lucky enough to be asked by friends to make their wedding cake in 2005 and that is where the ideas for Carmen's Cakes began.  I work closely with Wairarapa Caterers, Chef on Demand, to provide celebration cakes and wedding cakes for their events and functions.

I look forward to providing personalised cookies, a modern decorated cake as the centrepiece for your next celebration or a cake for no reason other than cake is good for you!

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